Our guide for first time exhibitors

The big day of the convention is here, your exhibition stand is ready and perfect and the venue is teeming with people, but your staff are unsure where the light switch is.

Although having a customised exhibition stand that reflects your business’ vision is extremely beneficial, your sales team also play a key role in ensuring your success on such an important day. We know how busy it can get for you when you have an exhibition to organise, so we’ve written a quick guide on how to get your team ready. Following this will make sure you have one less thing to worry about!


How can your sales team know what to achieve if you don’t? Give your staff a clear sense of purpose and intention, this ensure they know what attitude and tactics to use with prospective customers. These goals don’t necessarily have to be widely ambitious but they need to be specific and clear. Instead aiming for as sales in general, aim for 5, 10, 15 or 20. This way, your team will be more conscious of their time and their methods.


Once you have decided on the goals that you wish to achieve it is important to get your team together to discuss these goals. This time gives everyone a chance to understand what is required of them and ask any questions they have before the day. A quick meeting allows both you and your team to be prepared for the upcoming days ahead and gives you all a chance to perform to the best of your abilities.


Whether it’s the same day as the goals meeting or a day before the exhibition introduce your team to their new workplace. This ensures staff will know how to use any unfamiliar equipment and get comfortable in their new space. From experience, this increases confidence amongst staff as there is the feeling of owning their space.


Make sure your team knows what you expect of them. Will they have to wear a uniform on the day? If not, ensure they are aware of any dress codes you may have and the level of meticulousness you want towards their presentation. Perhaps debrief them on their expected conduct, what language to use towards customers, tone of voice that should be employed, and reminders to be friendly and welcoming. Uniformity conveys a sense of professionalism and allows the business as a whole to appear more cohesive.


To ensure efficiency, create a roster and stick to it. Make sure that each member of the team has a role to play. Outline what each role, what each task entails and what times this will range from. A roster makes staff accountable for their actions as it gives individuals a sense of responsibility and importance on the day, boosting general morale and productivity.

The key to holding an event is making sure that everything is prepared beforehand. Following these steps will help you and your sales team have as many aspects of the business organised and any future issues being proactively resolved.

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