Exhibition must have items!

There is nothing more embarrassing than having to search high and low for a pen, as you are about to write down information for a potential customer. Often by the time a pen is located, their interest has waned and your business suddenly appears less professional as a result.

There are often several items that we wouldn’t even think to bring to an exhibition until it comes to a point in the day when you are in fact, in need. To prevent any flustered moment in front of customers, we have compiled a list of our exhibition essentials, developed after our years of experience and knowledge in this industry.

Without further adieu, this is the Grand Stand Events exhibition survival list:

  • Stationary – this can be anything from pens, highlighters, scissors, tape and sharpies, the key is to have a surplus amount so each employee has access to extras throughout the day
  • Lead sheets or a tracker – take it from us, it is much easier to track your progress throughout the day than trying to recall the days events, bringing a lead sheet along also allows you to make strategy adjustments based on your recordings.
  • Business information – whether its brochures or business cards, ensure that they are accessible to both staff and customers and that staff are familiar with content
  • All the rest – mints, petty cash and box cutter, all very unrelated but potentially very useful items. Mints to keep breath fresh when talking all day, petty cash for absolutely necessary coffee runs and box cutters for opening merchandise or packages

A good survival kit can get you through anything, event the longest exhibitions, so get packing!

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