The Power of Video when Exhibiting

Now we are not video marketers. We are stand builders, however we do get the opportunity to build some awesome screens and that got us thinking about video content. No matter what size the screen is, it really is so important to get your messaging correct as screens are not cheap when it comes to events. So we got chatting in the office about videos and what makes the good ones stand out. Here is a listicle of what we think makes a good video for an event. We hope it helps:

Our Video Marketing Tips:

  • Don’t leave it till the last minute: These videos take time to get right. Plan it early so you can get the key messages down and have time to review and change it.
  • Use a professional: They know how to make it look and sound perfect so don’t be too tight, get it in the budget.
  • Content: Make sure you have it and in the right formats, resolutions and all that fancy stuff. Don’t just put up a powerpoint presentation.
  • Social Media: Link it to your social media campaign.
  • Frequency: Remember this video will be on loop all day for your event so if you have sound, think about what people will hear and how often. If your video is 3 minutes long, that’s a lot of repeated sound. Again, the professionals will help you plan this right.
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