Meet the Grand Stand Events Fleet

We’d like to introduce you to a few of our high-flyers.

This is the Grand Stand Events fleet of vehicles. It is this fleet of high-performing, fine-handling vans and trucks that are going to help make your event a real success.

We understand that there are many different elements that go into running a great event. However, one of the most important – the element that underpins all the others – is logistics. Without a reliable logistical operation supporting your event, there is simply too much being left to chance.

With this in mind, we crafted a winning fleet of logistic vehicles. This fleet has what it takes to give you peace of mind – the kind that comes from knowing everything is running to schedule. You’ll love the stress- free experience of knowing that your equipment is safe and sound on its journey.

What You Can Expect from the Grand Stand Events Fleet

Our fleet is designed to give our customers and clients the capability they need to make their event run without a hitch. This is what you can expect when you book a logistics vehicle with us.

A range of vehicles to meet your diverse needs

We love working with different customers and rising to the various challenges that their businesses and their events throw our way. This is why we offer vehicles in a range of different sizes, so we can be sure of catering to a number of diverse needs. We’ll introduce some of these vehicles in the next section.

Reduced handling

The longer you spend loading and offloading your equipment and your inventory, the greater the risk of damage, theft, or another mishap. Our process exposes your items to less of this risk, giving you peace of mind and keeping everything safe.

No dealing with depots

Some logistics companies will ship deliveries to depots before letting a “final mile” delivery company take over. This is another point of weakness in the process, and it is something we are keen to avoid. We cut out the depots for a safer, more secure, and more efficient service.

Door to door transport

We can handle the entire process, collecting equipment and other items from one designated location, and delivering them to another. With only one point of contact throughout (us!), we make sure that you always know where your goods are, and can fully rely on our service to support your event.

Roadshow touring

Perhaps you are holding event after event, night after night, on a tour that spans the whole country. Well, for this, you really need a fleet of vehicles that can stand up to life on the road. And, you need a fleet rental and management firm with the expertise and experience to see you right through to the end of your tour. Here at Grand Stand Events, we are proud to offer these kinds of services, and this kind of fleet, to our customers.

Capabilities that outstrip freight schedules

Freight schedules can be a nightmare, particularly when you are running to a tight timetable yourself. Shipments end up late, mix-ups at various points in the journey add to this delay, and it is the event that suffers. With our fleet, we aim to go above and beyond, and to outpace freight schedules as often as possible.

Expert drivers

We employ only the best trained, the most responsible, and the most reliable drivers to pilot the vehicles in our fleet. This means you will get used to working with a partner you can trust, no matter if your event is running only for a few hours, or for a few months. The idea is that you get used to your driver, and he or she becomes an integral part of your team. To achieve this, we will assign a specific driver to your project, and aim to keep this driver with you throughout.

The Vehicles in the GSE Fleet

For our fleet, we turn to Iveco, the Italian truck and haulage firm with a history of excellence. Let’s take a look at the exciting vehicles we have in our fleet. All of these vehicles are ready for hire whenever, and wherever you need them.

IVECO Stralis

The heavy-duty, full-size truck in our fleet, ready and waiting to do the heavy lifting for your event.

Benefit from a full-size tail lift

Well, you will get a full-size tail lift to make onloading and offloading of goods that much easier. This offers a serious advantage to you and your event as it eliminates much of the danger associated with moving your equipment around. No bumps, no scuffs, no droppages – no worries.

Move more, with ease

The Stralis in our range offers 14 pallet capacity. This is a major gamechanger for you and your logistics as it means fewer trips, which translate to less potential for damage, less cost associated with fuel consumption, and less of an organisational headache. When you’re organising a major event, this is a bit of a lifesaver.

An expert driver from our team

Finally, you’ll benefit from the services of one of our drivers. All of the drivers in our fleet are friendly, experienced and reliable. What’s more, they can draw upon significant build experience to help everything go smoothly.

We believe that this offers a far better alternative to shipping items in and out of depots. This way, you always know where your freight is, and crucially, you eliminate the risk of mysterious breakages or missing items. When you work with Grand Stand Events, you know that everything adheres to our high standards, and this includes all packing and stopping.

To book your IVECO Stralis, or to learn more about what we can offer, get in touch with our team today.

2015 IVECO Daily

The van your event needs, keeping things moving and helping everything run to schedule.

A tail lift for ease of loading and offloading, not to mention peace of mind

Well, the Daily is somewhat on the small side compared to the monster IVECO Stralis. But, it has still got plenty of room in the back for transporting all that crucial equipment. Of course, this means it also needs to be equipped for loading and offloading, which is where the small tail lift really comes into its own.

Wheel on, wheel off

If you’ve got wheeled storage and transport solutions, you simply need to wheel the items on and off the van – it doesn’t get any easier than that. And, of course, this translates to a quicker, more efficient delivery, with no danger of items getting scuffed or broken.

Custom trolleys, and no need for individual packaging

We will also provide custom flat pack trolleys for shipping. In other words, you won’t have to worry about individually wrapping the items you need to transport as the trolley will keep all of your pieces conveniently stored and safe from harm. This is great news for the environment as the overuse of unnecessary packaging is a serious issue across a number of industries. It’s also great news for your event budget and bank balance.

An expert driver, and plenty of room in the back

One last note on the Daily – it may be small, but you will still get a full pallet width into its cargo hold. This will help you make sure that you get the job done the right way. Oh, and your project will also benefit from a Grand Stand Events driver with build experience.

Interested in finding out what the IVECO Daily can do for you? Reach out and book a van from our fleet today.

2013 IVECO Daily

When you need a smaller van for your event, this is the answer. Quick and agile, but still tough enough to handle the job.

Environmentally friendly flat pack trolleys

Both versions of the Daily come with our custom flatpack trolleys. These trolleys mean that you don’t need to individually wrap your items, which is helpful to the environment, as well as your budget. It also makes it easier to keep track of all the different pieces that are being shipped – crucial on larger, more complex tours.

Plenty of room in the back, despite appearances

Yes, it’s small and agile, but it’s not to be sniffed at. You can still get a full pallet width in the cargo hold on the IVECO Daily, which means the vehicle is more than capable of providing you with the hauling power you need.

An expert driver

Just like with the other vehicles in the Grand Stand Events fleet, you’ll benefit from the services of an expert driver from GSE. Our drivers are friendly, experienced, and have build experience, making them seriously useful assets on your project!

Ready to experience the delights of the smaller IVECO Daily van? Reach out to learn more today.

We offer affordable delivery on our whole range of fleet vehicles, and we provide the tools and equipment you need to achieve the efficient logistics you crave. Whether you are holding a one-off event, or you are putting together a roadshow to tour the entire country, we can accommodate you. Free yourself from the tyranny of shipping timetables, and from the anxiety of broken or lost items. Call Grand Stand Events today, and let’s see what we can do for you.

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