How Grand Stand Events can help you make greener choices – and it’s not just our logo!

Knowing that sustainability and care for the environment are increasing priorities for many companies, Grand Stand Events can offer an events service that is cleaner and greener than many of its competitors.
Specialising in custom exhibition stands, roadshows, events, exhibitions and brand activation, we pride ourselves on providing green and innovative solutions.
Here are just some of the ways in which we are championing green practices for our events.

Bye, bye bubble wrap

We learned earlier that some materials traditionally used for transporting furniture and other items can’t actually be recycled. This includes bubble wrap. Instead, we use durable and reusable furniture transport bags so there’s no need to use bubble wrap, which isn’t biodegradable and can’t be recycled.

Recycling at its best

At Grand Stand Events, we like to be inventive, as well as green. So, the timber crates we use to transport counters are lined with reused exhibition carpet, and banners are made from recyclable material so they can enjoy another lease of life.

We say no to one-use construction

When it comes to planning an exhibition or event, we look for the best deals for our clients in hired counters and furniture. Why hired? This is because constructing these items solely for a single event is a waste of resources and is simply bad for the environment. Using what’s already out there is the kinder, greener alternative.

Swapping MDF for reusable aluminium

While MDF (medium-density fiberboard) has been used for years in the events industry, it’s not part of our offer. You may have been fooled by the fact that MDF can be recycled. But the binders and resin contained in MDF can have formaldehyde, a substance that can cause cancer. Added to this are the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can also emit nasty gases. So, instead of using MDF for walling, we opt for a reusable aluminium framing system, which is clean, green and durable.

Eco floor over MDF floor

Instead of traditional MDF flooring, we use eco flooring at all our trade show events. As well as being kind to the environment, it is durable and can be used just as effectively outdoors as indoors. Because of its resilience, it retains its good looks so you can be assured that your event is going to look smart and professional. Recyclable, safe and good-looking – what more could you want from exhibition flooring?

Door-to-door service

At Grand Stand Events, we like to think we go the extra mile for our clients. This includes transporting event and exhibition items from door to door to avoid the unnecessary pollution involved in multiple trips to reach a single destination.

It’s a giveaway!

While we like to use our collection of exhibition furniture for as long as possible, there comes a time when it’s past its pristine best but is still useable. So, we’ve set up a scheme where we give retired exhibition furniture to community groups who can keep on making use of it. This cuts down on waste and boosts the “feel-good factor” too!

How to make your next event a green event

If you’re in the events industry, have you ever thought about the waste produced by exhibitions and conferences? When you stop to consider it for a minute, there’s a long list of items that either take up a lot of resources or simply can’t be used again: banners, signage, disposable cups and bottles, print-outs…the list goes on.
This has meant that the events and exhibitions industry in Australia has had a poor reputation for its rather environmentally unfriendly approach.
But things are changing. Increasingly, events companies like Grand Stand Events are offering ways to make all aspects of your exhibition or conference green, recyclable and kinder to the planet.
Let’s take a look at some of the innovative ways to reduce your carbon footprint next time you plan a big event.

Say no to waste

We know that, traditionally, exhibitions, conferences and any organised events have been notorious for producing waste and their less-than-green credentials.
With specially printed banners that can’t be reused, the amount of water and energy consumed, and the plastic involved in catering and the production of exhibition materials, not to mention the amount of travel – sometimes by air – to get to the venue, you can see why events have had a bad press.
But it is possible to host an event while sticking to your planet-friendly principles. All it takes is a little imagination and a sympathetic events company to make it happen.

Ask questions about green choices

You can start by doing your bit. By questioning your event organiser or venue, you can set the tone and ensure that they know that your green credentials are valuable to you. Some of the things you can ask are as follows:
• Does the venue use renewable energy?
• Does it have a good track record on recycling?
• If your event involves an overnight stay, does the hotel take part in a towel reuse programme?
• Do they use electronic signage?
• Do they have a programme to offset their carbon footprint?
• Are they involved in charity or community programmes to donate excess food after events?
Any organiser, venue or supplier in the know about what consumers want and demand nowadays will have ready answers to these questions. This will help you decide whether they fit your green vision and values.

Make the right food choices

One of the biggest parts of your event budget is around catering. You can be proactive and make smart choices around food, especially when you are catering for hundreds or thousands of people.
Meat has a higher carbon footprint than vegetarian food, so why don’t you opt for more vegetarian choices? Alternatively, offer meats that have a lower carbon footprint, such as chicken, instead of beef.
Remember also to ask your venue about providing sustainable food produced locally. And, remind them that they can serve water in glass jugs instead of one-use plastic bottles to reduce waste.
You can also request that they donate any leftover food to community programmes to cut down on waste.

It’s all about the recycling

Recycling is as relevant as ever. Use recycled or recyclable material for signage and other conference materials. Research which materials are recyclable and which are not. For example, did you know that plastic bags and bubble wrap can’t be recycled?
You may also be interested to know that Foamex – made from PVC foam – can be used again. Even more surprisingly, as well as being excellent for event signage and displays, Foamex can be remade into flooring, food packaging – and even shoes!
Minimise packaging and printed materials – and go completely print-free if you can.
For giveaways, think about offering recycled swag. Or how about an idea like a packet of seeds that delegates can plant at home to offset carbon emissions? This will have the added benefit of them remembering your event as the seeds they plant grow and bloom.

Donate to reuse

If you have any leftover materials at the end of your event, donate them so they get another lease of life. We’ve seen earlier that leftover food can be donated to food banks or community groups, while theatre groups could benefit from some of your event props and items. Leftover flowers or plant arrangements will be welcomed by hospitals and care homes.

Be loud and proud!

Let your delegates know what you are doing to minimise carbon emissions and offset your footprint. Be proud of what you are achieving and encourage attendees to adopt a similar approach.

Benchmark your event

Did you know you can also measure the environmental impact of your event? Tools to help you do this include the TerraPass carbon footprint calculator, which has a special section for events.

Commit to purchasing carbon offsets for your events

Once you know the size of your event’s carbon footprint, you will be able to purchase carbon offsets. Check out Terrapass and ClimatePath to help you achieve your goals. You can make the purchase of offsets either an opt-in or opt-out choice when delegates register.

Be mindful of travel choices

Think about how far your delegates will need to travel to your event and how they will get there. Instead of an exotic location with the “wow factor,” choose somewhere as central as possible to minimise travelling. Even better if your venue can be reached by public transport. Encourage car-sharing between delegates as well.

In a few simple words…we don’t do ordinary!

We are as passionate as our clients about reducing our carbon footprint and working in ways that are kinder to the planet and more sustainable.
This is why we take care to offer you lots of different ways to make your event as green as possible, knowing that you cherish planet-friendly values as much as we do.
Contact our friendly team who will guide you through the whole process from your initial concept to making your event come alive with a whole host of clean, green solutions.


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