Grand Stand Events go for green with Eco-Flooring


Here at Grand Stand Events we don’t do ordinary, which is why we are proud to announce the introduction of Eco-Flooring at all our trade show events.

And the best part is, this welcomed change comes at no extra cost to you, our clients. Instead, you get to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

We can now both talk the talk and walk the walk with this eco-friendly addition to all trade show set-ups, which will help your business shine at the next event.

Why have we made the switch?

That one’s easy – we want to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact our work has on the planet. Of course, this is something we think about in every aspect of our business, and we are thrilled to be able to make it a big part of who we are and what we do.

Switching to a 100% recyclable flooring system just makes sense – both for our clients and for the environment.

It not only allows us to be more environmentally focused, but there are so many other benefits that come with the switch. And all these benefits get passed onto you.

Benefits of Eco-Flooring

We have always strived to be as eco-friendly as possible in our business, but now we can take it to a whole new level. There are plenty of advantages for both you and the environment.

Here are just some of the reasons we have fallen in love with Eco-flooring (and hope you do too):

  • Eco-flooring is suited to all weather and climates and can be set up both indoors and outdoors.
  • The Eco-flooring is also lightweight, so transporting it to and from an event, and of course setting it up, is easier than ever.
  • Eco-flooring is durable and hardwearing, so it will last the distance. We can’t wait to offer it time and again to our clients knowing we are lowering our carbon footprint in the process – and yours too.
  • Plus, you can run your electrical wires underneath it, out of sight and out of mind for customers who come to visit your stand. This feature allows us to get even more creative with your stand, knowing it won’t distract from the look on the day. How great is that?!

Say Goodbye to MDF

So that’s why we have said goodbye to MDF flooring. In the end, it wasn’t a hard choice to make. Who knew, it was actually holding us back.

Here are just some of the drawbacks that come from MDF:

  • It can’t be recycled, which means it is just adding to landfill.
  • MDF is very heavy, so is much harder to transport and set up.
  • It soaks up other liquids like a sponge, which isn’t great in the event of a spill!
  • Plus, on top of all of this, contains VOCs, which means it is actually toxic if inhaled while it is being cut.

The decision to switch was easy, and we can’t wait to pass on our green thumb to all our clients.

Book Your Next Event

What are you waiting for? We are now better equipped than ever to help you out with that next event, so give us a call on 1300 979 114. Our experienced team will help you at every step of the process from the development of an idea through to bringing your stand to life.

We will take the stress out of your next exhibition while helping your business shine to its full potential. And we will do all of this with the help of our new Eco-flooring that will make the job that much easier and that much better for the environment – the grass really is greener on the other side.






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