How to create cost effective reusable stands

How to create cost effective reusable stands


It is widely agreed that exhibition stands are an excellent business investment, however, this does not mean that you have to spend your annual budget purely on the exhibition stand. It is possible to create a cost effective stand with the right builder that understands your budget and goals.

When creating a cost effective stand, it is important to develop and establish a realistic budget. Do not let yourself spend more than designated for the event. This can ultimately do more harm than good for your business. Don’t be unperturbed if the budget is on the smaller side, because with a good builder you can still achieve what is required.

One way to maximise the return on your investment is to create a reusable stand that can be used for future trade shows. This can be done through using consistent, standardised stand sizes that can be modified for different uses or goals.

If you want to invest in a reusable stand it is best to always book the same size stand with the same configuration. We would minimise customisations and use a combination of our stock lines. As your business grows and develops, so can your stand. Simple modifications are all you need to tailor it to specific objectives and uses. Signage variations from show to show can give the effect of a brand new stand.

Having an experienced, high quality exhibition stand designer can ensure that you can maximise your return on investment. The quality of service provided by Grand Stand Events ensures that we listen to what our clients need. We are extremely conscious of different budgets and how to work within them.  We really have worked with every type of brief.

We work with our clients throughout the entire process from the design to execution. This way you’ll be satisfied with the final product and the final price tag! No nasty shocks or surprises.

Don’t let the cost of an exhibition stand deter you from growing your business in the next expo! Just build smarter and think long-term!

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