Buy v’s Renting your custom stand components

Buy v’s Renting your custom stand components

Your Custom Event Stand: To Buy or Rent


Most marketers now understand the importance of attending events and exhibiting their products. Trade shows can bring in new customers, solidify relationships with existing customers, bring awareness to your brand, and highlight new things happening in your industry.

To make the most of these events, you need a stand that showcases your brand, its personality, and your products. You can rent a stand or buy one, depending on your company’s needs. Do you attend multiple events during the year? Do you need flexibility from one event to the next? Are your shows close or do you need to ship your stand across the country? Let’s look at some of the factors weighing in on your decision to either purchase or rent your next stand.



Naturally, renting a display is much less expensive than buying a custom booth. It’s usually around 30% of the full price. Not only can you save on the display cost itself, but there are hidden savings in shipping if the booth is rented in the city of the show. You can also save on insurance, maintenance, and storage fees.

While this makes renting sound like the better deal cost-wise, keep in mind that renting will add up for each show. If you attend quite a few events during the year, buying may be your better option, as once it is purchased you don’t have additional rental fees for each show.

Don’t forget though you still need to plan for incidentals like test and tagging of electrical items.



Renting can present challenges when you have your heart set on a certain design. You need to book your rental early to get what you are hoping for. Rentals go quickly when there are large events, and you may not always get the display design you were hoping would showcase your product.

If you own your custom stand, it is always ready and available for use. Just make sure you road case it and plan how it is made to maximise space.

Custom Design


While renting a stand, there is a certain amount of flexibility and customisation you can make to the display. Stand Builders customise pieces of the display, like the graphic elements, but the stand itself is usually pre-built and doesn’t include special features like art-hanging signs and special features, and the design may not be exactly what you were hoping to achieve.

When you own your display, it is 100% customisable to your exact standards. Every component of your display is made to your exact standards. You can add a printed floor that matches your logo, or a protrusion powder-coated with your exact Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours.

Storage and Repair


Renting a stand means no storage and no repair, but be aware, you will have some usage. When you are done using the stand, the supplier simply takes it back.

When you purchase a display, you or your builder are responsible for the storage and upkeep of the stand. As long as you take care of the display, the maintenance costs should be low, but you will have some wear and tear on it. You will also need a place to store the stand to keep it safe, whether you have a space in your workplace, or you use your stand builder to store it.

Meeting Event Regulations


Many events have regulations for how big your stand can be, and how high off the ground your display can stand. When renting a custom stand, you can accommodate those regulations with ease, planning your stand around those requirements.

Once you purchase a stand, your configuration of that stand may be limited. If you attend an event with irregular requirements, you may have to get creative to make your stand fit into the space.

If your company attends multiple events with different booth sizes, say 6m x 6m and 6m x 9m, you will need to consider how your booth will accommodate both spaces. If you are purchasing a booth, it may be wise to purchase a booth that is 6m x 9m that can be broken down into the 6m x 6m stand for your events.

Branding and Colour


Renting allows you to mix up your stand a bit more frequently, showcasing the best of your brand for each show. Just be aware that every printer is a bit different. If you don’t have every element of your stand printed through the rental company, you run the risk of having slightly different shades of your brands’ colours.

By purchasing your stand, you are ensuring that your brand’s colours will be consistent throughout your booth. This elevates your brand ahead of your competition, just by creating an image of unity within your company. However, you will have this one stand that will be seen at multiple events.

Multiple Events


When you rent, attending multiple events becomes easy. You simply rent a stand for each show, at each location. When you get to your show, you know the stand will be there waiting for you.

When you buy a stand, you need someone to figure out the logistics of shipping the stand from even to event. Is there time between shows for the stand to be shipped from one to the next? Do you need to buy two stands or rather buy one and rent when you need a second one?
Deciding whether to rent or buy a stand for your upcoming events is a personal choice for your company. Each organisation is different, and there is no right or wrong way to attend your events. You may decide to purchase a stand to use at most events and rent one for special shows or when you have multiple events.
A program like this provides the best of both worlds and gives you the flexibility to mix things up when you feel the need to have a display that is a bit more creative and unique. Event season can be made easy by looking into all the different considerations for your stand up front, allowing you to be prepared and attend each event with confidence.


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