Whats on trend now for Custom Exhibition Stands

As a fast-moving industry that is ever-changing, exhibitions are subject to trends. Although it’s wise to stay true to your company’s branding, adhering to these trends allows you to appeal to today’s style-conscious crowds. Paying attention to trends also prevents you from looking old-fashioned, which in turn protects your brand’s reputation. This year has seen some interesting custom exhibition stand trends and we’re sure there’s more to come. For now, here are the popular approaches that are dominating the exhibition world.

Exhibition stand furniture trends

Long gone are the days when prospective clients and customers would just gaze at stands. Today, many of these stands are interactive, which means you need to provide furniture to accommodate your guests.
In addition to their practical functions, items of furniture serve aesthetic purposes. The type you choose will speak volumes about your brand, especially if you’re aiming for a contemporary look. Here are some of the biggest furniture trends right now:

White continues to reign supreme

The minimalist movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One colour that lends itself well to minimalism is white. In addition to complementing this furniture trend, it also looks futuristic, especially when you choose items with a modern-looking structure.
Using white chairs and sofas won’t overpower your custom stand, so it is also a reliable way to make other features stand out. You can stay true to your branding while remaining on-trend.

Smaller is better

Strip back the clutter that comes with your custom exhibition stand furniture and aim for a select number of small items. Rather than opting for expansive chairs that are perfect for lounging in, choose petite tables and surround them with dainty bar stools.
By aiming for small furniture, you still provide your stand’s attendees with somewhere to sit, but also free up space for other purposes. Smaller furniture usually helps attendees to sit up and listen too, rather than leaning back and zoning out.

Aim for sustainable messages

Sustainability is a growing trend across a number of industries, and your custom exhibition stands can benefit from this. Step away from plastics and other synthetic materials in favour of recycled wood and repurposed items.
Using sustainable materials also allows you to convey a warmer message about your brand. It may also enhance your reputation, especially amongst those who prefer eco-friendly products.

Exhibition stand lighting trends

Much like theatre events, custom exhibition stands come to life with the right lighting. Choose the right lighting types and you’ll be able to set the mood, invoke emotions, and draw attendees’ eyes towards focal features. With all that in mind, here are some of our favourite custom exhibition stand lighting trends:

Glow Furniture

If you want a fun way to light up your event and create some ambience while being functional glow furniture is the way to go. It can be used for seating, creating glowing bars and also helping to segment your event space. You can customise the glow colour to go with your brand or theme.

LED strip lighting

LED strip lighting is a great way to add powerful lighting in a variety of colours and brightness to your custom stand. It is a flexible adhesive strip of lights that can be cut to any size and applied to almost any surface.

Industrial lighting for an edgy feel

If you want every element of your custom stand to feel contemporary, aim for industrial lighting. Excellent examples of this include bare lightbulbs without any shades, repurposed pipe lights, and caged light bulbs. One potential issue with industrial lighting is that it’s a little tricky for accentuating products. However, if your primary aim is to set the right ambience and create a modern vibe, industrial lighting is the way forward.


If you’re using display cases and you want to guarantee a futuristic vibe, aim for backlighting. When you use backlighting, you can make graphics and messages stand out. Your display’s aesthetic will also look more modern and advanced than when you fail to use lighting altogether. Although backlighting is a current trend, we envision its popularity growing in the future. As such, it’s an approach you may be able to use for years to come.

Hanging chandeliers for a sense of luxury

Conveying a sense of luxury on the go is achievable with hanging chandeliers. While they may seem a little gauche to some, they can act as a tongue-in-cheek form of opulence when you work with them in the right way. Hanging chandeliers also work well when you’re trying to introduce a sense of formality. This approach works well for pop-up stores and boutiques that are holding exhibitions.

Popular colour trends for exhibitions

A tropical palette

Although the world is continuing to embrace natural colour palettes, you can still create a zesty theme by aiming for tropical colours. For example, focus on watermelon shades of red and pineapple shades of yellow. By including plenty of green, you’ll easily bring a tropical colour palette to life.
One of the main advantages of a tropical palette is that it’s inviting. You’ll draw people to your custom stand while continuing to look professional.
By experimenting with different exhibition stand trends, you could further your event’s success. As trends constantly evolve, don’t forget to check back for the latest ones.

It’s possible to play with the latest exhibition colour trends while maintaining your brand’s identity. Once again, a combination of sustainable features and modern nods are taking charge of this year’s trends.

Sustainable and natural features

Sustainability is important, and this can be accentuated by the theme you choose. This means incorporating wooden and warm tones into your custom stands, as well as gentle greens. If you really want to bring this trend to life, consider including plants that are known for cleansing the air. For example, peace plants and spider plants.
To take this trend even further, consider focusing on recycled materials. If you do this, make sure you advertise their use loudly and proudly, as event attendees may not notice for themselves.

Neutral spaces, not just white

There’s often a temptation to fill your event space with white. Although this was a fleeting trend once upon a time, nowadays it’s a sure-fire way not to stand out. As an alternative, use plenty of white, but make sure you enhance your custom stand with neutral colours too.
Using a combination of white and neutral colours ensures your custom stand retains its personality. It also allows you to accentuate the overall theme, without trying to make it too obvious or garish. For example, if you’re aiming for a natural look, flowers and plants against a backdrop of white and neutrals works better than using white alone.

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