Let Them Know! Here is your Guide in hiring builders for your exhibition events

Let Them Know! Here is Your Guide to Hiring Builders for Your Exhibition Events

If you want to make a big impact at events, you need exhibition stand builders and designers to help you get things right. There’s a fine art to letting people know that your brand exists, drawing them in to your stand, and pushing them to make that decision to purchase (or save your contact details for later).

But what exactly do builders do when it comes to exhibition stands?

Here’s our guide to who they are, how you can find them, and what to look for in the perfect builder for you.

What are the benefits of hiring exhibition stand builders?

First of all, let’s take a look at why you might even want to hire someone who will build your stand or booth for you. Can’t you just do it yourself?

Well, not if you want it to be done right – with the minimum stress and hassle for yourself.

Exhibition booth designers and contractors will help you by:

  • Reducing stress and hassle
  • Building everything before the event starts and taking it down after it finishes
  • Handling event paperwork with the organisers
  • Ensuring the booth or stand is designed in a way that will attract customers
  • Using high-quality materials and graphics
  • Saving you money (against the cost of hiring a designer, constructor, printer, etc separately)
  • Dealing with things you might not have thought of, like a covering for the floor of your stand
  • Bringing furniture, like chairs for your guests while they talk with you
  • Providing display cabinets
  • Creating a package that suits your needs and your budget
  • Modern Technology

What do stand designers do?

Before ordering and constructing a stand, it first has to be designed. There are lots of variables to think about – it’s not as simple as just slapping your logo onto everything.

What colour should the background of any printed components be? How large should it be? Do you need a back to your exhibition stand, or just a pull-up banner? Can you dress the front of a booth or table? What images and text should be printed on your banners and backdrops?

All of these are really important concerns. You want to make a big impact when inviting customers to come over to your stand. They have to be enticed first, before they will take a closer look at your information.

A designer knows exactly how to make the right impact, based on your customer base, your product or service, and the kind of event you are exhibiting at. They will be able to match your goals, whether these are to sell products on-site or to gain leads for future sales.

They will be able to create all the graphic artwork for you, along with details of how they should be printed and where they should be displayed. They can often provide a 3D mock-up of how the stand will look once it is finished.

They are likely to be able to get everything printed correctly for you, as well as ensuring that your builders know how all of it should be displayed. More often than not they are the builder.

What does an exhibition booth construction team do?

After your stand has been designed – which you may already have completed yourself – it still needs to be put together. Even if you are only hiring a construction team instead of a design package, you will find they come in really handy.

The construction team will help transport your stand or booth set-up to the location of the event. Once there, they will put everything together quickly and efficiently.

This includes installing any elements that may have been flat-packed, physically moving items into the exhibition space to your designated area, and placing items onto shelving or display units.

This means that everything is ready and looks professional when visitors start to enter the exhibition event. You just need to man your stand and talk to them!

Of course, this service is even more useful if you are not going to be able to be present at the event in person. If you have hired staff to man the stand, you might not want to burden them with constructing it as well.

At the end of the event, you won’t have to take it all down yourself. The exhibition stand builders will complete the same process in reverse, first dismantling the stand and then removing everything from the exhibition area.

It’s also worth noting that they may be able to provide you with certain items of furniture that you do not have yourself, like chairs, display cabinets, or towers to display your brochures and leaflets. This means less work and expense for you, as you won’t need to buy or hire these items.

How should you hire your exhibition stand builders and designers?

It goes without saying that you should find someone who knows what they are doing. This means looking for those who specialise in exactly what you need.

In other words, you wouldn’t want to order your pop up exhibition stand design from a team that only has experience in permanent banners and installations.

You also shouldn’t look for a team that only has experience in the healthcare industry if you are trying to appeal to clients of a fashion brand. It’s all about finding the people who know how to talk to your audience.

There are a number of ways to narrow down the field of choices. You can look for previous customer reviews and testimonials, and also ask to see some examples of their past work. Price can be a good way to make your selection, but don’t just go for the cheapest without checking they are the right fit – try to ensure you get a good balance of savings with quality.

When you begin the hiring process, first get in touch with the details of what you require. This will give the team an idea of whether you will be the right fit for one another.

Try to find as many details as possible ahead of time so that you are ready to start working. Give the building and design team the dimensions of your space, the dates and timing for the event, any items of furniture you already have available, information about your business, and any relevant graphics, logos, or text.

Using these things, they will be able to get started on your design. Once you are happy with the mock-up they have shown you of how your stand will look, you can press on with the order and start to get everything printed.

From there on, everything will be in the hands of your exhibition stand builders and designers. You won’t need to do a thing except prepare your sales pitches and think about how to get more customers. The exhibition booth will be set up for you in its entirety.

Having a good exhibition stand builder and designer on your team is essential for making the event go smoothly. After investing in your event space, don’t waste this opportunity with poor preparation – ensure that you are ready to let all the visitors know who you are and why they need to become your customers!

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