Importance of filming and photo’s at events and exhibitions

Importance of filming and photo’s

Event Photos and Videos: Is it Beneficial?


It takes time, money, patience, and experimentation to create a truly functional, yet innovative stand for an event. The competitive nature of trade shows and other events demands that you stand out from the competition. Once you spend the time and money to make an eye-catching stand that will draw in your audience, it’s valuable to document the booth. Using a photographer and videographer to create photo and film of your stand can help you experience the stand, long after the event pack down.

Event stands usually contain untraditional marketing opportunities, as you choose to express your brand in a variety of ways that you wouldn’t use in your day-to-day marketing plan. This makes your exhibit a priceless opportunity for corporate advertising and elevating your brand. Some professional photographs or a short video can go a long way in heightening your marketing campaign.

The key to taking advantage of such a perfect marketing opportunity is to use a professional photographer and videographer, one with experience documenting trade shows. They have valuable knowledge as to how to position your stand for the best marketing photos and videos. If done properly, these are shots you will be able to use in your marketing for years to come.

Benefits of a Professional Trade Show Photographer

A professional event photographer will take the time to examine your space, determining what shots work the best, how to change the lighting to remove the other stands from the photographs, and which angles will portray your brand in the best light. They often have special equipment they use to get photographs from unimaginable angles, including ladders to get shots from above. They will spend time with you to understand your brand and determine what your goal is for the photo shoot.

Once your photographer is done taking the pictures, they will retouch your images, removing any additional clutter from the photos, and doing colour corrections to make your brand pop out of the photographs. We recommend

Benefits of a Professional Trade Show Videographer

Video marketing is essential for businesses today and an event is a perfect place for shooting a film. Your best products are being showcased, your staff looks their best, and there is a distinct feeling of excitement in the air.  Shooting film at your event can create an opportunity for post-event marketing. You can use this video to enhance brand awareness and introduce new products to your market. Your brand supporters who could not make the event will shortly become your biggest marketers.

Like your photographer, your videographer will meet with you to understand what you are hoping to achieve from the video. They will film from all angles, spanning the entire showroom floor. This gives them different perspectives to create a unique video for your brand.

Once the film is shot, the videographer will splice pieces together, showing your stand from unique angles, creating views of your stand that are unavailable to people just walking in to visit. They will create an air of excitement, showcase your product and your brand, and make your company shine. Customers and potential customers that could not make the event can meet your team, see your products, and make informed decisions. We recommend

Understanding Your Photographer and Videographer

Getting Detailed Shots


Your photographer and videographer will look to capture your stand as a whole, but they will also focus on each individual aspect of the display. The details are crucial in marketing your product, and they will spend time with individual banners, backdrops, products, and other small details found within the stand. Companies often debut new products at events, and the photographs and video shot at this event will create the perfect opportunity for you to market this product post-event.

Capturing the Whole Display


Although you hired the photographer or videographer to capture the essence of your stand, they will often find other ways to showcase your display. They may stick around during the show to capture your employees in action, interacting with your potential customers. If you have created an interactive stand, they may get shots of attendees interacting with your kiosk or trying out your virtual reality display. The interaction that is captured here is key to later marketing.

Marketers across the globe are using interactive photos and videos to show happy customers – customers that have experienced and connected with your brand and product. Showcasing your stand in this manner brings reality to your brand that is lacking in other photography.

Using Your Photographs and Film to Market Your Brand

Your brand will have supporters that attended your event and will be happy to share information when they get back to the office. You will also have supporters that could not make the event and will be curious about what you showcased. All of these people will help you market your product in the post-event world.

Once your photographer and videographer have sent their final products to your company, your digital marketing skills come into play. You want as many people as possible to see your event stand. Sharing your pictures and video through social media, newsletters, your company website, and post-event email marketing will spread the word quickly. Information is accessible to your customers, day and night, and this information can be quickly shared with decision-makers ready to jump on your product.
Whether you choose a photographer, videographer, or both, documenting your event stand is an important decision to make. Include the funding in your tradeshow expense budget to be prepared for doing this the right way. Be honest with your photographer or videographer and let them know your expectations upfront. Your partnership with them is crucial to the success of using these photos and videos for your marketing in the future. Let them use their experience to guide your vision.

Your company spent time and money to create the perfect stand for your shows. Now it is up to you to work with your photographer or videographer to capture this experience for your future marketing success.

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