How to get the best out of your promotional talent

A successful exhibition is a team effort and whilst a large part of the success does come from your team, there is a way to help your team become as efficient and effective as possible on the day of the exhibition.

Before your exhibition brief your team on your expectations and your objectives. What do you wish to gain from this exhibition, is it brand awareness or sales? Let your team know what you wish to get from this exhibition and any specific numerical targets you wish to reach.

Use this opportunity to also discuss other expectations such as specific information you wish to highlight to prospective clients, any special offers you have for trade show attendees and the attitude you wish your staff to have on the day.

One thing that can be easily forgotten but can impact your overall brand image is presentation. How would you like your team to present themselves? Consider things such as clothing, colour palette, shoes and hair. Do you want your brand to appear friendly and relaxed or formal and professional? This can all be conveyed through presentation.

After you have briefed your whole team on your expectations, take some time to speak to each individual department or role group. This provides you and your team with a chance to review their role on the day, avoiding any confusion or miscommunication. Ensuring that your promotional talent is highly aware of their each individual role within the team will allow the day to flow smoothly without any concerns.

If the duration of your exhibition is over a few days it is a good idea to schedule debriefs with your team after each day. This will hold each individual accountable for their role within the team, ensuring the each person is fulfilling their tasks and carrying their weight. It is also a good opportunity for your team members to provide feedback so that adjustments can be made to improve the following day.

Now that you have got your team organised and briefed, schedule some breaks in for them so that they get a chance to recharge throughout the day. There is no way that an individual can maintain their performance tired and hungry, so depending on the size of your team and the length of the exhibition schedule a few short breaks throughout the day for food, coffee or simply just taking a moment to sit down.

Make sure that your team feels prepared and supported on the exhibition day with some early preparation and organisation.

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