Exhibitions- Your target market under one roof

Exhibitions – Your target market under one roof

Exhibitions are majorly industry specific meaning the people you talk to are the people you need and want to talk to!

There are many reasons why exhibitions are an essential form of advertising and promotion for your business. For example:


  • To attract new customers and expand your client database.
  • To promote new products to your market.
  •  To keep up to date with industry trends and new product developments.
  • To build new business relationships which better your business or provide new avenues for expansion.
  • For market research and sales monitoring.

Whilst the value is clear for businesses, the customer equally benefits through:

  • Experiencing what an industry has to offer and the ability to compare offerings with many suppliers.
  •  Look, feel, touch, learn – Online marketing is convenient however, nothing compares to experiencing a product in person. Product demonstrations, seminars, even food tastings are just some of the ways exhibitions allow customers to obtain the valuable information they need to determine if a product is right for them.
  • Convenience with all industry representatives under one roof saving your customers time.
  •  A great day out!

 The power of exhibitions extends well beyond the business and client benefits mentioned above, they are also an important economic contributor.

‘Their value goes well beyond the industry sector of the event – for small and big business. These events play a pivotal role in Australia’s economic prosperity, including boosting the visitor economy through domestic and international visitation (such as transport, hotels, retail and restaurants), facilitating small business growth by connecting buyers and sellers, knowledge sharing leading to innovation and business collaboration (both locally and globally) and providing a platform for international trade and investment.’ – Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia.

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool and definitely worth the investment!   



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