Dos and Don’ts When Exhibiting


Our Dos and Don’ts When Exhibiting

Exhibitions are an ideal way to reach out, to make sales, and to network for future business.

The power of exhibitions in achieving these aims has been proven many many times over. Read on to find out our dos and don’ts of exhibiting to make your next event a resounding success.


Do prepare
Know your goals. Prepare all your collateral in advance. Do your research into attendees and fellow exhibitors to make conversations easy. Organise a team meeting before the day to reinforce your goals and ensure your team members are fully briefed on their role for the show.

Do invest in your team
Make sure your team are informed, engaged and prepared. Remind them that this is an opportunity for personal exchanges, so no hard sell or hiding behind their phones (this is the single biggest killer for event success). Organise rosters for breaks, so your team is refreshed and ready for action.

Do stand out
Consider how you are going to present your product or service. Custom display stands are invaluable and don’t have to be expensive. Think about how you are going to stand out from your competition. This could include thinking about what competitions you have to offer, or how your team approaches passers-by. A simple, engaging question can make you memorable.

Do keep records
Make sure you have the means to record contact details of prospective clients – and to offer your own details in the form of a business card, brochure or other collateral. Follow up interest with an email or survey to understand what people got from the event, helping you grow ideas for future exhibitions.


Don’t be shy
Negotiating with organisers beforehand helps you get the most out of the exhibition. Whether you can achieve free listing in the programme, a speaker spot on the stage, or simply some extra help on the day, working with organisers can really help you stand out on the day Negotiating your position on the floor plan is also critical.

Don’t forget to network
Your best leads may not come from visitors – you’ll be sure to find other exhibitors who may need your service. The same goes for organisers – they will have an in-depth knowledge of who else is at the event and could provide valuable insight.

Don’t generalise
When you start up a conversation with a visitor, find out who they are and what their role is. Using their name will help create a quick and lasting bond, and knowing their position within their company will enable you to personalise your conversation.

Don’t forget to assess success
Understand how successful your presence at the exhibition was compared to your original goals. Keep it simple by setting easily-definable goals, for example, the number of new leads you generated or products you sold, or even the conversations and mentions across social media channels.

Last but certainly not least. The biggest Do is do have a great time because exhibitions are marvellous and we love being part of this crazy, rewarding and dynamic industry.


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