Design and why its important


Although most exhibitions stands serve the same purpose, not all of them are designed or created equally. When it comes to the development of your exhibition, the stand and space should have more than just a functional capacity.

When developing the design, it is important to consider your brand. What aesthetic does it have? What message are you trying to convey to your audience? This is also an excellent opportunity to establish your brand’s aesthetic if you have not yet developed one. Determining these details about your brand is crucial in capturing your brand image and making it a clear statement to your audience

Once this is accomplished, it is possible for the designer to deliver a consistent theme throughout the entire exhibition display, Grand Stand Events strives to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and designed to complement your creative concept.

This sense of consistency can be achieved through the colour scheme, the architectural style, font and so many other design aspects. Have fun with this part, mix and match different ideas and see what suits your brand best, remember that design and brainstorming should be fun!

Based on the space available and the concept that you wish to achieve, space and flow need to be considered to provide maximum impact. There’s more to exhibition spaces than just the stands, other fixtures, walkways and design elements need to be integrated. Utilising the space effectively and having an exhibition that flows allow the brand appear more cohesive.

A custom designed exhibition stand gives your business the best opportunity to ensure that your brand image is being conveyed to the smallest detail. There is no compromise on space, design and creativity.

But at the end of the end, a well-designed exhibition needs to be of high quality in order to truly succeed. Rushed or poor workmanship is obvious. This could indicate to your clients that your brand has no regard to quality control – definitely not the message you want to send!

Get creative and start developing your concept, if you have no idea where to start, our friendly team is keen to help make your idea into reality.




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