Lead Architects office fit-out 2021

Office Fit-out

Lead Architects was moving offices and approached us to complete their office fit-out.
Being an architect, they had a clear look and layout that they wanted to achieve, so with these plans in hand, we were excited to take on this project for them.

We organised everything from start to finish, starting with a full cleanout of their existing office. We then moved onto the new space where we cleaned, removed old fixtures, built new internal walls, repainted walls and ceilings and installed new flooring, green walls and coordinated the appropriate trades to fit out the plumbing and install the mirrored walls.

To complete the fit-out with the help of an extensive list provided by our client we purchased all the new furniture and accessories which we then installed.
The end results looked fantastic, what a great space to go to work each day.

Thank you to Lead architects for giving us the opportunity to work on such a great project.


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