Why less is more

Less is more. This is an adage repeated over and over by designers, architects and creators. What does less is more actually mean? And why is less more?

At Grand Stand Events we believe in the philosophy that a simple, yet creative idea has the ability to leave a lasting impression on its audience. In the most condensed way possible, that is what ‘less is more’ means. It shuns the superfluous and favours the simple. A concept that has proven successful in instances where it is implemented, yet remain largely underappreciated.

Sensory overload is a very real phenomenon that is easily avoided with a minimalistic design. This style encapsulates clean lines, straight edges and a monochromatic or primary colour palette.

Whatever it is that you are trying to showcase, a minimalist design allows the focus to be on your product or creative concept. This is particularly true for those with limited floor areas, as this school of design emphasises the use of open space.

This style has the effect of de-cluttering the mind of the audience, and consequently, your brand imparts a lasting impact. Because of our keen attention to detail, Grand Stand Events excels at this minimal type of design, so next time you’re considering how to develop your exhibition concept, remember that less is always more.

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