Technology in your exhibition stand

Technology at your exhibition stand can allow your business to stand out against competitors.

Whether you are trying to entice prospective customers with freshly brewed coffees or impress with cutting edge gadgets, a little extra technology can boost your standing.

Although having a range of technology at your stand can prove to be beneficial, it is important to remember that functionality is key. When deciding what features you wish to incorporate into your stand, think about its purpose.

Does help convey your brand image? Is it part of your aesthetic? Will it assist in capturing leads?

If the answer is no to any of the above questions or similar questions, then maybe excessive technology is not the best option for your exhibition stand. There is nothing worse than having technology that is dissimilar to a brand image.

If you do decide on installing technology into you exhibition, consider your exhibition goals. Is your goal brand awareness, increasing profits or capturing leads? The technology you install and utilise should be relevant in achieving these targets.

At Grand Stand Events, we pride ourselves in our ability to design customised stands for our clients. Within this customisation process we consider any technology that you require in order to achieve your goals.

Once the stand has been developed and designed, it is important to make sure your staff understand any unfamiliar features. There is nothing more awkward than a customer look on as a team member fumbles around with switches and frantically pushing buttons.

Not only does this type of lack of preparation reflect unprofessionalism, it also can lead a lasting impression on prospective clients.

To avoid any of the above situations, meet with your team a few days before your exhibition. During this meeting discuss the exhibition stand’s features, how to use these features and any healthy or safety information.

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